Monday, March 21, 2016

KGSP - Spring Begins

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. Incidentally, I also forgot to write a blog post yesterday. This week was alright. The school week was about the same as usual, just working on class and lab stuff while going to classes when I remember I have them.

Not going to lie, I used to think I studented pretty good, but now I have a feeling that my studenting skills have gone down a bit. I feel a bit more tired and unmotivated than I ever felt at UOIT, which is really killing me.

I put a light in a metal bowl and called it homework.

Lab stuff is going alright I guess. Have some papers to write and a project to work on, but that stuff is slowly getting done. Much more interesting than class work that's for sure. Unfortunately though, one of the proposals I wrote up got rejected. Not really heart-breaking, but kinda sucks I guess.

Outside of school, I ended up going to Seoul again this weekend. I've been tired all week so I wanted to rest and relax a bit this weekend, but going to Seoul apparently is not a good idea for that. Friend wanted to celebrate his birthday so we just went out on Friday.

Dark and badly taken pictures galore.

That was a tiring day. The next day I just woke up, went to the Magic store to buy some cards and then played Magic for like 9 hours with friends. That was great but that was also a tiring day. Came back to Daejeon yesterday and man, waking up today sucked.

My bed is so comfy man. But the weather is getting warmer now and I need to switch out my super comfy blanket for a still comfy but not as comfy blanket. Weather has been weird though, it's warm, but it's still kinda chilly at the same time.

Also one of my friends randomly gave me a pack of curry I have to try sometime.

Can't wait for it to get actually warm. Nothing planned for this week so I'm hoping to just rest and relax a bit.

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