Sunday, July 31, 2016

KGSP - Escaping the Heat

This week was pretty fun. A few members of our lab are gone this week cause they're on a conference trip, so as a result it was a pretty calm and relaxing week in the lab. It was nice cause we just got to chill and do things at our own pace.

One of our lab members had the idea to do an escape room after lab one day. I've never done one before and I've always wanted to do one, so I was really down for it. We ended up going with a total of five people, and despite 3/5 of us having never done an Escape before, we chose the hardest one.

It was supposed to be scary too.

It was pretty neat. The first half of the game was actually nice. It was dark, kinda creepy and required a lot of spatial problem solving. I managed to help out a decent amount in that section. However once we got to the second part of the game, it got less exciting.

All of a sudden we were in a lit environment, so it didn't feel scary anymore. All the puzzles ended up being like, words and math, so as the non-Korean in the group I really couldn't help out as much anymore. Regardless, it was a fun experience.

Made it with minutes to spare too.

It was also one of our labmate's birthdays this week, so as usual we prepped the whole gifts and cake thing. But since we were just off of doing this escape room, the same girl that suggested we do the escape room suggested we make finding the presents in an escape-room-esque way.

That was kinda fun. We bought some locks and created some puzzles and had the birthday girl solve them in order to get her presents. Honestly it kinda just felt like a lot of team building exercises this week. That was nice though cause we normally don't hang out that much.

In other news, I taped my laptop. But it needs re-taping.

Aside from that, this week has been super hot and super humid. But some of my friends decided to do an outdoor barbecue on Saturday, and so despite the heat we all decided to go and have this barbecue. Man it was so hot and there were so many mosquitoes.

Regardless, that was already pretty fun. It was just a night of hanging out and eating food. Standard barbecue fare. I got bit by a ton of mosquitoes but I guess you can't avoid stuff like that when you're literally outside on a mini-mountain next to a small forest.

Aw yea, meeeaaaat.

I got some decent work done this week, but I really needed to get more stuff done. Hopefully this coming week I'll get more stuff done. Have a decent amount of work I need to get done before the summer ends.

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