Sunday, July 24, 2016

KGSP - The Heat

This was the first week back in Korea since my small trip back home. This has also probably been the hottest week this year so far. Holy crap is so damn hot. It's like 30 something degrees outside and humidity is pretty high too.

Everything just feels disgusting the moment you leave an AC'd space. It's especially worse in my room because the air circulation isn't that good so the air gets really stale and just heats up a lot. I ended up caving and buying a fan for my room.

Another thing that takes up space in my room.

So now I have the AC and fan on working overtime. The AC cools the room down and the fan distributes the air. It's nice, but the fan is kinda scary. It actually spins really quickly, even on the weakest setting so it sounds like a race car.

Lab work for the most part has been pretty standard this week, just casually working on my project. I wanted to go to Seoul to see some friends this weekend, so I did. I went yesterday and came back today. Not a very long trip, but it was nice.

My Japanese friend even gave me some random snacks.

We just ended up chilling, as best as we could in the heat, and then today before coming back to Daejeon I went to play some Magic at the store. It's been a while so that was nice, but I was a bit unprepared and got pretty unlucky with draws today.

But yea, I dunno. Being back in Korea is a thing.

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