Sunday, November 13, 2016

KGSP - Global Connections

After the festivities of last week, this week at the department was pretty uneventful. Just working on stuff as usual. However, I was tasked to export all the videos from the design forum last week, so I had to like, export nine hours of video over the week.

So when that happens my computer is working pretty hard so I didn't really have the chance to work on any of my programming. I feel like I'm falling dangerously behind on my project work. The upcoming month or two is not going to be fun.

But hey, free food for exporting videos.

Other than that I've been working a bit on my portfolio a bit more. I've come to the realization that I need to update my portfolio a bit since it's getting to the point where I should be looking for jobs again. Applying for jobs is never fun, but gotta do it right?

Speaking of jobs, I had two friends take some time off work and come to Korea for the weekend. I went up to Seoul on Saturday to go meet them and hung out with them before coming back to Daejeon today.

A selfie latte is very necessary.

Both of the guys that came to visit are very well-traveled. They're always out and about and always post pictures of them in random places in the world on Facebook. One of them is up to sixty something countries and the other is in the forties.

Much more than the teens that I'm currently in. As usual, it's always nice to see people from home. Just being able to talk a bit more about the past is nice, even though that sounds like a super old thing to say.

I found this KAIST optical shop in Seoul. Why does this exist.

We just kinda went sightseeing for a bit. It was their first time in Korea so I just kinda showed them around and introduced them to Korea. They seemed to like it though, which is good. Especially since they've been to so many places and still think Seoul is a cool place.

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