Sunday, November 20, 2016

KGSP - One OK (Rock) Weekend

So despite having my thesis topic presentation coming up alongside a bunch of the end of the semester work shenanigans, and aside from the fact that I went to Seoul last weekend already, I went to Seoul again this weekend.

The week itself was pretty bland. I held some workshops for a study I'm doing for a class, and made some serious progress on my lab work. But I feel like my thesis work and my other classes work is falling behind a bit. Hopefully this will not be a problem.

Pictured, watching League of Legends (ugh) for science.

But by far the best part of the week was the weekend. I had three friends who all have their birthdays in November, and since everyone was busy with school and stuff they couldn't properly celebrate their birthdays. As a result, they decided to hold one party on Friday.

So I left the lab early and made it to Seoul to go hang out with them. That was a really fun night actually. It's been a while since I've seen a lot of my friends in Seoul so being able to just hang out was really refreshing.

We had sparklers for some reason.

Needless to say it was a tiring night. But the next day, Saturday, I went to do some shopping because Daejeon sucks for shopping and I wanted new clothes. After that I went to a concert that I've been looking forward to for a while.

One OK Rock, a Japanese rock band, is a band that I've been following for years, and I really like their music. Their style is a bit different from a lot of the other music I listen to, but they're up there on my list of favourite bands. And, they're big enough that they actually play in Korea!

Unlike pretty much any other Japanese band I listen to who never leave Japan.

I just think it's kind of funny because people ask me if I've been to Kpop concerts in Korea. I tell them no, but now I can also tell them the only concerts I've actually gone to are Korean metal concerts and Japanese rock concerts. I roll against the grain like that.

It was by far the biggest concert I've been to. I'm used to like, sketchy concert venues in the middle of a warehouse district or some random basement in a tattoo building or something. Some dark grimy place that fits like 50 people max. This was not this type of concert.

I think this fits 3000?

I couldn't get standing tickets, and in fact, I couldn't even really get good tickets. But still, being at the concert is still better than not. And the silver lining was that despite the hall being big, it wasn't that big.

It was a pretty amazing concert overall. People cheered so loud, granted I guess that with 3000 of them it should be loud. The production quality of the concert was so great too, granted I guess that's what happens when tickets are a hundred bucks each.

Pretty epic stuff really.

The band played all the songs that I liked, and he played the crowd pretty well too, throwing in the random word or phrase in Korean too. But the weirdest part was that despite the vocalist's English being pretty top tier, he spent most of the time talking in Japanese.

Which is like, yea I get it. You're Japanese and it's your native language. But people in Korea don't (normally) speak Japanese. But, there were a lot of Japanese people at the concert. The last time I saw so many Japanese people I was actually in Japan.

Such a good show.

Overall it was a pretty good show and a great way to mark my last night in Seoul. I probably won't be going back to Seoul until the semester is over, so it was the last hurrah I guess. I really need to start working on stuff more.

Oh, speaking of work. My old lab keyboard was causing discomfort because I type too much and having the keypad throws off the angle of my arms so I asked for a new keyboard. They obliged so I ordered a Razer Blackwidow Chroma.

Click. So. Click. Many. Click. Colours. Click.

So overall this was a pretty great week actually.

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