Monday, August 21, 2017

KGSP - The Second Last Week

Man. Three years ago I set off on this crazy journey to go halfway around the world to learn a new language, experience a new culture, and do my master's. It seemed like such a long time then but now here we are, my final week in Korea.

There's just, a deluge of emotions going on right now. It's really hard to explain. I'm excited to go home of course. I miss my friends and family and of course I miss my home country. But at the same time, it's kinda sad that I have to leave now.

I have a lot of issues with Korea, but regardless of that this has been my home for the last three years. I've settled into a life of my own with knowledge of where to go, what to do, who to meet, etc. And now it just feels like I'm ripping up that life to bring it back to the one I had three years ago.

So yea, this last week has been kinda rough and I'm sure this coming week will be the same, if not worse.

The last week saw two trips to Seoul. The first was a short day trip because I went to do a programming test for a job application. The test itself wasn't exactly easy, but it was made even more difficult due to the fact that it was all in Korean. Needless to say I didn't do well.

But they compensated me for the trip there and hey, free trip to Seoul. So I tried to make the most of it and meet some friends as well, considering how my time here is limited. That was a nice night, but I failed massively on time that day and somehow all my temporal obligations that day was off.

Then, I went back to Seoul on the weekend to see more friends. Another one of our friends who left a year ago came back to visit, so it was really nice to just hang out with him and the others once again. But again, bittersweet cause who knows when I'll see these people again.

I'll probably do a more in depth blog post sometime on my other blog about my experience with this program. I'll likely also do another post here next week as well, even though I'll be back in Canada. Honestly feels weird man. I've already done like 150 posts with the KGSP tag.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

KGSP - Big Waves

So this week was a bit more interesting than the previous weeks. I say this because I actually took pictures of stuff this week, meaning there was some visually interesting things worth recording for the future.

The week started off pretty standardly, but then a few days ago me and some of my friends suddenly decided to do a short trip to Busan. The weather was hot and we haven't been to Busan in a while so it seemed like a good idea to make a trip out there to swim in the ocean.

The ocean. And a lot of people.

So just our luck the day we went to Busan actually wasn't that hot, rather it was kinda cloudy and windy. Still, there were a lot of people at the beach. But, since it was windy there were also some pretty big waves.

Some of the waves went up a couple feet so it was actually pretty fun to be in the water. You couldn't really swim because there were so many people with the donut floaty things that every time a wave came everyone got knocked back a couple feet.

This kid is just taunting the ocean.

It was fun though. The water was nice and the waves made it fun to play around. After swimming we went to grab some food and hung around Gwangalli a bit before calling it a night and coming back to Daejeon today.

Overall fun trip. Short, but fun. Busan is definitely still my favourite city in Korea and every time I go it just reinforces this idea. It's just so nice to be in a big city by the ocean. City actually feels alive and interesting, unlike Daejeon.

Unlike this men's section in the Busan H&M, which is just an empty room.

Another thing that was of note was that the lab invited me for their summer barbecue. It's crazy to think that it's already been a month since I last went to the lab. Felt good to see everyone again though.

Although I had to give back my keyboard which sucked.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

KGSP - Relaxation and Reflection

So the last few posts here have been pretty bare. I'm afraid to say that this one is also going to be somewhat lacking in content. This week was a lot of mostly just staying in my room doing unexciting things so I have a distinct lack of photos to back up my posts with.

After coming back from my trip I got hit by a pretty bad case of jet lag. Normally I'm used to the "12 hour flip" ones where you just feel deadly tired after like 8 or 9 and end up waking up at 6. But this time it's not like that since I went from Europe to Asia.

So instead I'm stuck with a weird case of "can't sleep until like 4 in the morning and then wake up at 2". It's kinda sucky. I've spent most of the week just waking up sometime in the afternoon and it really does kill the amount of time available to you in the day.

Granted I haven't been doing much anyways. Mostly just organizing my life and thinking about how I want to take it in the future. Essentially just a lot of job and soul searching really.

The main highlight of the week was a short trip to Seoul. Friday was a pretty fun day because it was the only day this week where my Magic friends were free. One of them is leaving Korea tomorrow so that was the last time we could play together.

So as a result I woke up early on Friday (which, was a pain cause of the jet lag), and then went to Seoul to draft the cards me and another friend won from previous events. That was fun. It was nice to play again, but there was just this.. air of finality in the room so the usual cheer was missing.

Afterwards we grabbed dinner and some drinks to wrap up the day. That was fun too. It's always a good time to go to Seoul and see everyone again. It just sucks cause we're at the point now where every time we meet up there's less of us. But that's how it goes I guess.

I see the upcoming week being pretty similar to the last week. Just more life stuff I guess.

Why is life so complex?

Monday, July 31, 2017

KGSP - The Final Month

So the posts have been pretty sparse lately. Mostly due to the fact that I haven't really been in Korea the last month or so. At the end of June I went to Japan for a trip and then I came back to Korea for like a week to wrap up my lab stuff before heading to Europe for my grad trip.

I just got back over the weekend and the trip back has been pretty tiring so I've been resting a lot. As such, I forgot to write a blog yesterday. But I mean, I literally just got back to Korea so nothing much to report about.

I'll be writing about trip to Japan and Europe over on my new blog over the next month, so make sure you follow for updates!

Monday, July 10, 2017

KGSP - The End is Coming

Doesn't seem real but, the end actually is coming. Friday was my last official day in the lab. All of my stuff (barring a hard drive) has been moved out of the lab and well, I'm actually done. Well, mostly. I still have one small thing I have to deal with, but that's minimal.

Feels surreal. Two years have already passed. Just doesn't seem like that much time has passed, but I have actually done a decent amount in the last two years once you stop and think about it. Still, it doesn't feel real yet.

Got to keep my keyboard though!
The week was pretty calm. We got back from our trip to Japan on Sunday, thus the lack of post for the previous week. Then I just spent the week wrapping up my work, cleaning up my stuff, and doing random stuff in the lab.

The most random, but most interesting, thing I did this week was definately a short video shoot. One of our lab projects found it's way to Daily Planet, which is a science show for Discovery Canada. They wanted to feature it so they came to our school to record stuff.

Let the awkwardness commence.

It was cool because I actually used to watch the show back in high school, so it was really neat. I wasn't the dude in charge of the project, but they asked me to be the main actor in the initial opening segment, which was kinda awkward but kinda cool at the same time.

The rest of the week was just finishing up my work and packing up. Friday was my last day and honestly it was a pretty bittersweet moment when I left the lab. Regardless, I went to Seoul for a job interview and then followed that up with hanging out with friends and playing Magic.

Went 2-2 at prerelease but I won one of the raffle prizes!

So overall it was a nice week. Lots of emotions though. But the next week is gonna be fun cause I'm doing my grad trip on Tuesday. Going to a bunch of different countries over the next two and a half weeks, so that's gonna be awesome.

I'll be writing about that trip (and my trip to Japan too) on my other blog, so make sure to check that out if you're interested.

Monday, June 19, 2017

KGSP - The Monday After

So that was another fun filled weekend. I went up to Seoul again for the weekend because I had a friend come visit from Canada, and a few of my friends in Seoul wanted to do a meetup before they leave Korea forever.

It was a pretty fun weekend. Although pretty tiring, hence the Monday blog post. My friend that came to visit was one of the guys I met due to my internship in Hong Kong, and it's pretty cool cause this has been the fifth country we've hung out in.

I don't get why this country is 5000 years in the future though.

So it was a pretty eventful weekend. Some sightseeing to show my friend around of course, but most of the time was just spent eating and drinking with friends. It honestly was a pretty fun weekend, but man, tiring. Haha.

It was kinda sad though, in a way. Cause it really was fun. The last three years has been a pretty big adventure and a lot of it was spent with these guys I met at the language institute. So it's kinda weird how some of them are leaving now.

Who else would drink all of the Queen's Ale?

I'll probably save my thoughts about this for a future blog post though.

The rest of the week has been pretty bland. I submitted my thesis for printing so my school work is 99% done at this point. Still have some paper and presentation stuff I have to prepare for conferences, but it's hard to get motivated.

Trying to go to random events to network too.

Right now though, I have a job interview coming up. Tomorrow, actually. We'll see how that goes. Could very well decide my immediate future.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

KGSP - Defended

So the end is finally in sight.

Wednesday was my defense so I spent the most of the beginning of the week just preparing my defense. I wasn't really nervous but my presentation was a bit long, so it annoyed me more than anything. Regardless, the presentation went well and well, I'm done!

Unlike this ant war which never ends.

Doesn't really feel right to be honest. I'm glad that I'm almost done with my studies, but it's also a bit of a bittersweet feeling too. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that I'm almost done. But now the real world is calling again you know?

Looking for jobs and stuff, not very fun. Plus so many of my friends are also graduating too and heading back home, which is also not very fun. Luckily I had a chance to see a bunch of them in Seoul over the weekend though.

It feels like I've been in this country so long I've stopped appreciating it.

In celebration of my successful defense I also went and book a trip to Europe as well. Hitting up Russia, Germany, Czech Republic (Czechia?), and Austria for sure which is gonna be awesome. I'm really excited.

Russia requires a visa though so I like rushed through so many things in order to prepare that visa. That was an experience in and of itself, readying the documents and actually applying for it. First time applying for a tourist visa so that's kinda a neat thing.

You know what's also a neat thing? This.

So yea, my near future has some pretty exciting events. I still have to finish up a paper for a conference and another paper for a class, but they'll both be done within the next two weeks and then I'm off to Japan for a conference and workshop.

Then I come back to Korea, rest up a bit, and then off to Europe. Gonna be sick.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

KGSP - The Ghetto Graduate Life

This week was once again relatively relaxing. Most of my lab work has just been focusing on preparing for my defense, which is really just combining the last few presentations I did, refining them, and then making sure it fits within the time slot.

So really not that stimulating. I've mostly just been trying to look ahead into the near future a bit more. We have a lab trip to Japan upcoming in a few weeks and I'm pretty much done with school in July, so I've just been planning trips and trying to find a job.

Fun fact, buying plane tickets before getting reimbursed means you gotta dip into your emergency coin funds.

And man, finding a job sucks. I feel like a job, especially a career, is so integral to your life. However, the process of finding one is honestly so stressful and tiring. I've been through this years ago when I first finished my undergrad, and I was hoping it would be easier now.

But no, it's pretty much the same. I have a certain level of ambition in my life, which is also making it a bit more difficult to find a job, but I'm hoping it'll pay off in the end. My time in the lab is coming to a close soon, and it'll be weird being not a student again.

Washing chair wheels and drying them outside is apparently a student task.

But yea I'm still trying to make the most of my student life. Went to go watch the new Wonder Woman movie yesterday and that was pretty neat. Best movie in the DC cinematic universe for sure, and I'm hoping the future movies stay on that level cause they need to keep up with Marvel.

Monday, May 29, 2017

KGSP - Seoul Searching

So when I first got to Daejeon, I used to leave the city pretty often. I'd head to Seoul or Busan, or sometimes even Daegu, maybe every other week, or at least once a month. But once I settled into my school and lab work, my trips have gotten more and more sparse.

The last time I left Daejeon was about a month and a half ago to go to a concert in Seoul. But that was literally a day trip so I didn't really spend much time there. But now that my work is winding down a bit, I finally had time to go, so I went for the weekend.

They opened up an old highway as a new park, which is kinda neat.

It was a pretty tiring trip, but fun. On Satuday I got to Seoul and walked around the new highway park they opened up. It was a pretty neat idea, and they had some water spray things to cool down the park, which was awesome to just walk around cause it was a pretty hot day.

Then I went to buy some stuff and met some friends for dinner and drinks. That was pretty fun. It was good to see some of my friends again. Unfortunately a lot of them are busy with their own schoolwork so not everyone could come out, but it was still nice.

Got to try this Armenian cherry wine though. Random right?

Then today I went shopping a bit again, and then went to meet some friends at a board game cafe and play some games. So overall it was a pretty good weekend. Just lots of relaxing and socializing, which is a great change of pace.

The school week was alright too. It was the spring festival week, so we had a bunch of events at the school. The highlight of the festival was probably the international food festival, which was on Friday.

They even had a Canadian booth. I was not involved.

I went last year as well and it was about the same this year. A bunch of international students cooked some of their traditional food and sold them. Some decent food, but nothing super special. Best thing I tried was probably the plov from Kazakhstan.

So yea this week was pretty eventful. I feel like a lot happened this week and I could write a lot more about it. But I just got back from Seoul and I'm tired, so it's stunting my writing creativity haha.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

KGSP - Green for Go

So I thought that last week was a pretty relaxing week but man, that was nothing compared to this week. The week started off similarly to how it ended off last week, but that was only until Wednesday, the day I did my greenlight presentation.

I practiced my presentation a bunch of times and was a bit worried because my presentation went over time. I ended up going over time in my presentation too, despite speaking quickly, but it turned out it didn't matter. I ended up getting news that I passed the presentation the next day.

Celebrating with a (probably dirty) bucket of popcorn.

So that's a huge relief. In my department we have to do four presentations before we graduate, and the greenlight is the third, and arguably the most important one. Since if you fail that, you can't even do your defense and it essentially acts like the gatekeeper to graduation.

So it's great that that's done with. I still have two and a bit weeks before my defense so I need to be preparing a presentation and my second draft, but I really don't feel stressed anymore. This is a wonderful feeling.

Also finally got a chance to eat this chicken that was grilled at the back of a truck, which was also wonderful.

So yea, things aren't over yet. But it's just great to be able to relax a bit more. Just like, play some video games, watch some shows, and just work regular hours again you know? 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

KGSP - Yellowlight

So this week was actually quite, unproductive. Relatively speaking of course. I still managed to get a lot done, but it was a lot more relaxing and slower paced than previous weeks. That just happens to be because it was a weird week where I'm just waiting for stuff to do.

My greenlight presentation is on Tuesday, and that's essentially my pre-defense where the result decides whether or not I get to even do my defense or not this semester. The thing is, we had to get our thesis and presentation materials printed and submitted by last Wednesday.

I present to you the first draft of my thesis.

So that meant that I had a lot of stuff to do getting ready for Wednesday, but once everything was submitted, I hit a bit of a lull. I had to still make some of the videos for the presentation (luckily videos aren't printed), and obviously I have to prepare for my actual presentation.

But it was still relatively more peaceful than previous weeks. I couldn't really do too much because I can't change my materials, so I'm just waiting to get the feedback and results from my presentation on Tuesday, which is a nice change of pace.

These random food trucks came by to serve food too, which was nice.

Our professor wasn't around either since he was at a conference, so it really did feel super relaxing. I almost feel like an actual person again. But it's still no time to fully relax though, the upcoming presentation is important, so I need to make sure I do it right.

Outside of school the week was pretty standard. I had a bit more free time at night so I ended up cooking a few more meals which was nice. The air quality was really bad earlier in the week so that was gross though.

Seriously, you know it's bad when air pollution turn into water pollution when it rains.

But yea, life is alright I guess.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

KGSP - Not So Golden Week

So in Japan, the week we just had would be called Golden Week. It's called that because they have a string of holidays during the week and so it's just a fun week full of celebration. The last time I went to Japan was during Golden Week actually. Not a great time to go, but still was a fun time.

But obviously I do not live in Japan. In Korea, it's not called Golden Week, but it's kinda similar. They both have Children's Day, which was on Friday, but they also have two other holidays throughout the week, making it essentially a two day work week.

Here's the Cheery Hoegaarden I didn't take a picture of last week.

So what does that mean for me? Well not much really. I got my phone fixed (again) on Tuesday and it hasn't broke yet, so that's a good sign. Other than that it's pretty much just been a lot of thesis writing. The first draft of my thesis is due on Wednesday so I've been spending most of my time on that.

It's actually coming together I think. 99% of the writing is done and now I'm just working on the figures. Soon enough it'll be done and I can focus on getting ready for the actual presentation, which is the week after.

I didn't really take any pictures this week so here's my study timeline.

So life really hasn't been that exciting. While everyone's been celebrating random holidays it's just been business as usual for me, albeit a bit more relaxed since people aren't really around. It's actually been quite relaxing actually, despite the looming deadlines.

In other news, the air quality is really bad. It's that time of year again when the air is worse than usual. I've been meaning to take pictures but I haven't gotten around to it. But all the pollution and dust and pollen and stuff gets out of control for a few weeks every spring, and we're deep in it now.

It's just kinda gross you know? Everything gets caked with this yellow powder and it just doesn't look healthy. It'll pass in another week or so though, so it's just a bit longer. But until then I'm just wearing my mask a bit more often.

Oh, another sad thing happened this week too. Remember how I posted last week saying how my fish has been acting weird? Well, he didn't make it through the week. It's a bit sad really. Even though he was kinda just like, on my floor, it was nice having something alive in the room.

RIP 12/23/16 - 5/5/17.

I don't think I'll get a replacement. Just doesn't seem right, especially since I don't even know how much longer I'll be in Daejeon.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

KGSP - Phone Problems Redux

So remember how about a month ago I had issues with my phone? I was eating dinner one time and when I went to check my phone it wouldn't turn on and it was essentially dead. I brought it to the service center and got the main board replaced, which fixed the problem.

Or so I thought. In the last few weeks I had some issues with my phone sometimes where my phone wouldn't be able to connect to the network. So no calling and no data. I thought it might've had something to do with the weather or something cause it would happen for a few hours and be fine.

I'm hoping my fish will be fine too. Been acting weird lately.

But as my luck would have it, a few days ago my phone straight up stopped connecting to the network. After about 48 hours of that, I decided to bring it into the service center again to get it looked at. The guy said that there was a problem with the main board.

But wait a minute. I had the main board fixed a month ago. The guy said that he would replace it again free of charge, so I was like alright fine, I just want to use my phone when I'm not in WiFi range. So he swapped it and off I went.

Not many pictures this week, so here's one of me posing awkwardly next to more fish.

I thought it was ok and I was setting up all my settings again when boom. Phone crashed. Now it doesn't even turn on. Again. So essentially I went from having a working phone with no network connection to no phone at all. Wonderful repair service.

This is again, one of the worst timings for this to happen as well. The first draft of my thesis is due in about a week and a half so I have to make sure I have that done. I don't really have time to go back to the service center, but it's looking like I'll need to since I don't even have an alarm without my phone.

Plus I don't have anything to take pictures with. Which is a problem because now I've gotten so used to doing that. I even have a special edition Hoegaarden cherry in my fridge right now that I haven't drank yet because I couldn't take a picture of it.

But yea, I'm hoping my phone will finally be fixed once and for all. I don't have the time and energy to deal with these constant issues right now. I need to focus on my thesis so I can graduate after all.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

KGSP - KNAIST Workshop

So this week was a bit different compared to previous weeks. Our lab started a partnership with a lab from NAIST, a school in Japan, and we had our first event with them. Some of their professors and students came by to check out our school and participate in a workshop.

The workshop itself wasn't very exciting. It was our first workshop together so we just went through a bunch of ideation sessions. Despite almost finishing my graduate studies in industrial design, I'm still not that great at the ideation structure. It's just not that fun for me.

They brought a lot of sake though. But tbh I'm also not that big of a fan.

It was the first time our lab hosted a workshop though, so we had a lot of stuff to do when preparing and actually hosting the event. I was in charge of guiding them along the lab tours, which was kinda neat because I've been so focused on our lab's projects that I haven't had time to see the other's.

But the tour itself went a bit long so it got boring once you got to the fourth lab. But pretty much the week was just a lot of walking and talking and eating and drinking. Which by itself isn't that bad, but it was physically tiring.

My professor had the idea to do a bit of hiking too.

So overall the workshop was tiring. But the worst part was that since it took up so much time I had zero time to work on my own stuff this week. With my deadlines coming up, I need all the time I can get so that really was the worst part.

That said, it was a pretty fun week. It was nice to just like, socialize and have fun. The last couple months have been too serious so it was nice to just relax and meet new people. The people that came from Japan were quite awesome people to hang out with.

Just gotta stop and smell the [flowers] right?

So yea it was a pretty cool week. At any other point in the year it would've been a great week, but it's hard to really enjoy things with my thesis deadlines looming. But hey, hopefully it'll be over soon.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

KGSP - Spring Studies

This week was actually pretty packed with events. Feels like it's been more than a week but it's only been a week. Last week was the peak of the cherry blossoms, this week was the end of the blossoms. They started falling at the start of the week, and now they're pretty much gone.

The department rescheduled their spring party for the past Tuesday, which ended up being ok because the blossoms were still on the trees. Wasn't at the peak bloom, but at least we had some blossoms on the trees left.

Our lab's theme, Lego.

Like previous weeks, this week has primarily been dominated by my thesis work. This week was important though, because it was the week where I had to do user studies. So this was the first week where I actually had people outside of my lab see and use my system.

It was kinda nerve wracking actually. My last lab project had a bunch of issues when we did user studies, so I was worried that it would happen this time too. But luckily I actually didn't have any major issues and everything went smoothly.

Can't show pictures because of confidentiality so here's a picture of the keyboard I used.

The studies actually went pretty great. A few hiccups of course, but not too bad. The studies also kinda reminded me about something too. I only got into programming because I wanted to make things people wanted to play with.

So I was so glad that people actually had fun with it. People genuinely had smiles on their faces when they were using my system, and everyone thought that it was really cool and fun to use. And honestly, that makes me feel pretty great. It's been so long since I've made something fun.

Also had a chance to make some booklets too, which turned out great despite being only two pages.

Outside of school, this week was also pretty interesting. There's been some tension on the Korean peninsula because of North Korea and America. Nothing happened obviously, but it got some people thinking and worried. But yea who knows. Just, hope nothing happens while I'm still here.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

KGSP - Blossoms

I don't have a favourite tree. But as a Canadian I have to say it's probably my obligation to consider the maple tree my favourite tree. And for the most part I'd agree. The maple tree is pretty great. Big, strong, cool leaves, and it provides maple syrup. Pretty top tier tree.

But then for one week a year, a different tree manages to take the top spot of my tree rankings. This is a tree that I've never even seen until a few years ago, but that's how fickle my rankings are. We're in the middle of that week right now.

Almost looks like someone photoshopped the leaves white.

Yes, it's cherry blossom season again. For the most part I think that Korea is fairly boring when it comes to nature. Coming from a place that has no mountains, the mountains are cool at first. But then after a while it doesn't really seem that special anymore.

Then, Korea kinda just gets all grey and boring. But for one week in the year, the cherry blossoms all bloom at the same time and all of a sudden things actually kinda look magical. The trees are covered with a white, somewhat pinkish flower and it just really looks special.

Shame they only last a week.

I remember the first time I saw them. I've always associated cherry blossoms with Japan so it didn't even occur to me that Korea would have them too. So when I saw them for the first time I was delightfully surprised.

This is my third time seeing cherry blossoms. And I have to say they still look as awesome as they did when I first saw them. But unfortunately I'm busier now and thus, more tired so I haven't really had a chance to just bask in the springness.

Luckily there's a lot right outside my department, so I can always look out the window.

We're approaching the end of the week now though, which is unfortunate. The department was supposed to have a spring party on Tuesday but that was way too early for the blossoms so they pushed it to the next week, which is looking like way too late for the blossoms.

On my way to the lab each morning and the way home each night I kinda just zone out and look at the blossoms zooming by, and I wonder. Will I see them in bloom again? Where will I see them bloom?

At least when they're gone there will be less people I have to dodge on my bike.

I have no idea.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

KGSP - Crystal Clear

This week as actually pretty full of events. One of the most event filled weeks in a while actually. So as I mentioned last week, my phone died. Well, it stayed dead for a few days because I had to focus on my thesis presentation, which was on Tuesday.

Spent a decent amount of time preparing for it, and it turned out the preparation was all worth it. Everyone else that presented that day got some hard questions or criticism, but I was the only one that didn't actually get anything negative, mostly just recommendations.

I mean, I think it's pretty cool too.

The day after the presentation, I went and got my phone fixed. I thought I'd have to go phoneless for a few days as I got it fixed, but apparently that wasn't the case since I got it fixed within an hour after I got to the service center.

I had to pay a decent amount of money to get it fixed though. Apparently one of the main chips on the main board of my phone cracked, so I had to get the complete board replaced. All that money I saved not doing anything in February and March essentially went to that.

Just in time to take a picture of this soup I made.

But by far the biggest event of the week was yesterday, cause I went to a concert. There's a Japanese band that I listen called Crystal Lake which had a concert in Seoul, but I only found out a few days ago. Regardless, one of my friends wanted to go, so he asked me if I wanted to as well.

Considering I just finished one of my thesis presentations, this was actually great timing because I could actually go. But the fact that I had to fix my phone meant that I was already running low on funds. But, hey, what's money for if you don't spend it right?

So much energy.

I decide that hey, this is the best time for some relaxation and fun, might as well make the most of it. So after lunch yesterday I went to Seoul, bought some stuff, and then went to this concert. It was three hours long, including the supporting band.

It was actually really fun. The energy of the crowd and bands were really nice, so it was just awesome to go and just like, expel energy. It was cool too because afterwards they had a meet and greet event, which I didn't expect.

Aw yea, signed poster.

That was a nice way to cap off the event. Got a chance to briefly talk to the bands, got a picture with the singer of the band I like, and even got a signed poster. So overall pretty fun day, but I had to head back to Daejeon so I rushed back to Seoul station to catch my train.

And man today I am tired. My entire body like aches from the concert haha. Totally worth it though.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

KGSP - Stack Overflow

Man this week has been, a week. We're well into the semester at this point and despite only taking like, one a half classes only, classwork is already being a pain. The full class I'm taking has like a project due every month with presentations every week relating to that.

Normally that wouldn't be that bad, but that takes a lot of time. And time is one of those things that I'm really limited in right now. Surprisingly enough I do have energy (for the most part), but I'm finding that I'm running out of hours in the day to do my work.

Our lab recently got a coffee grinder and it's been a good source of energy.

My thesis project has taken up the most amount of my time. I have a presentation on Tuesday so I spent the week just taking videos and pictures, and trying to present my project in the best way as possible.

Taking the videos for my project has actually been kinda fun though. I'm making an augmented reality application and most of the videos allowed me to actually play with the system in random places so it was kinda nice to just jump around and do stuff.

The worst part about AR is the need to photoshop stuff onto every picture not taken from the device.

So yea, school is taking up a lot of my time. But additionally, I've been trying to deal with other stuff too like looking for jobs and figuring out what to do with my life after graduation, so it's really just taking more processing power away from my brain too.

To make matters worse apparently my phone died today. It suddenly shut off and I couldn't get it back on again, no matter which battery I used. It just gets stuck on the boot screen and I found out that apparently bootlooping is a thing that happens with my phone.

The last picture taken on my phone.

Oh, and I'm kinda sick too. It's really turning into spring now so that also means the air is getting bad again. Woke today feeling super dehydrated with a small headache that's lasted the entire day. Essentially I just feel hungover without even having any alcohol. Wonderful.

But this week had some high points too. Apparently there's a new flavour of chips out now in Korea, which is Montblanc flavoured chips. Yes, cake flavoured chips. Those were ok. But the best news this week actually came today, StarCraft Remastered.

Where were you when StarCraft Remastered was announced? I was in the lab, like always.

So yea, this week has been rough. But hey, I'll have some new (old) StarCraft to play in the summer!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

KGSP - Progress and Outcomes

So this week wasn't very eventful. It was more time working on my thesis project. Originally, I was supposed to have a progress presentation this week but it got delayed to the week after. This was actually kinda welcome because it means I have more time to prepare.

So essentially this week was just getting as much done as possible for my thesis project and making the presentation materials. Since I have an extra week I have even more time to do stuff for that. Even though I only started a month ago, the project is coming together.

Spent the day photoshopping rocks and spooky stuff into pictures.

Probably the most interesting thing this week was actually my salted eggs. Readers of my blog may remember that about a month ago I decided I had some extra eggs and a lot of excess salt, so I decided to brew it all together and make some salted eggs.

Well, it's been just over a month actually, so they were ready to for some eating. I was actually kinda worried because it's literally a bunch of eggs sitting in some weird broth in a jar on my fridge for a month. Like, what if they all just went bad?

Impossible to tell the result from this.

So I was a bit hesitant, but I went and cooked the egg and broke it open. It smelt ok. Like it didn't smell bad, so that was a good sign. I ate some of it, and well, it was actually pretty good. I used chicken eggs instead of duck eggs, so the texture is different, but the taste was fine.

The yolk was salty, but it could be a bit saltier so I decided to leave the remaining eggs in the salt mixture. The whites were already a bit on the salty side, so I didn't finish eating it. But it's ok because the yolk is the best part anyways.

I gotta work on my egg opening skills.

So yea, I made a bunch of salted eggs about a month ago and they taste it. It's kinda a coincidence too because I also started my thesis project about a month ago. So hey, if these eggs turned out ok, I guess my thesis can too. Right?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

KGSP - A Historic Weekend

So this week was quite interesting. The weekdays were fairly normal, just more work in the lab. I have my second thesis presentation in a week and a half, so I need to get a working prototype of my project done.

That said, I went to Seoul this weekend. It's like, really bad timing and I probably shouldn't have, but I did anyways. I had some friends from Canada come over to Korea and it's been a long time since I went to Seoul, so I figured I could just get all my Seoul meetings done in one go.

My weekend was better than uh, some other people's.

It was a pretty nice weekend. It's been a while since I left Daejeon so it was a good break. On Friday I met one of my high school friends who came to Korea for vacation. Then, I went and met a bunch of my friends that I met when I was in Daegu.

Finally, today I met one of my university friends who came to Korea to teach English. I haven't seen that guy in a few years too, so it was kinda neat to see him in Korea. So overall it was a pretty fun weekend that pulled in people from the last.. wow, 11 years of my life?

Oh also the president of South Korea got impeached.

So yea it was pretty fun. Tiring, but fun. But now that that's done, it's time to start really focusing on my work. I got some solid progress on my thesis project done the last week, but there is much more to be done. Especially since classes have started too.