Monday, January 2, 2017

KGSP - 2017 Begins

So yesterday marked the beginning of 2017. Yesterday was also a Sunday and so I'm not really starting off the year right as I'm doing a Monday post literally as my first post of the year. To be fair though, it's cause I was doing a recap of my year over on my new blog.

Since I've already covered my thoughts of the previous year and some of my plans for the new year over there, I'm not going to go over them here. Instead, it'll just be a standard "what I did this week" type of post.

My last meal of 2016.

The week between Christmas and New Year is always kind of an awkward week. You're still in holiday mode from Christmas, and with another holiday coming up, it doesn't feel very productive. It doesn't help that my supervisor was away the week too, but we kept busy.

On Boxing Day, I Skyped my family and opened presents together. It's been a family tradition to open gifts together on Christmas but since I'm away I have to do so via webcam instead. It's always nice to get gifts from home. I also had a small box of stuff from a Japanese friend of mine to open too.

Yes, I also got a fish.

Safe to say that my snack cabinet is sufficiently filled again. I also got a bunch of other random stuff like new clothes and a toy that I paid for, but had to get forwarded to me. Hopefully I can celebrate Christmas at home next year.

Back in the lab, this week was different because we started user studies. The lab project I've been working on since March is finally coming to a close (hopefully) and we're on the last step. Before we can submit a paper to a conference though, we needed to conduct some research.

I also need to conduct research on how to properly use this hair spray.

New Year's Eve was pretty standard. Just food, drinks, and counting down. Obviously the changing of the year doesn't really mean too much in the grand scheme of things, but here's hoping that this next rotation of the Earth goes better than the last.

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