Sunday, January 8, 2017


Well 2017 is off to a wonderful start. Aside from New Year's Day where I just stayed in my room to relax and watch shows and play video games all day, I've been doing 8 - 13 hours a day in the lab every day since.

It's been a pretty busy weekend because we have a conference deadline coming up very soon. The lab project that I've been working on since March is finally coming to an end (assuming there's no follow ups..) and all that's left is this submission.

I also got my choice of one weird chocolate bar.

So all in all it really sucks. I'll be glad when this project is over cause honestly I got sick of it months ago and now it's just.. so tiring and brain melting. I'm not really sure how this paper is gonna do once we submit it, but hey, who knows.

It just sucks that it's at the start of the year during our winter vacation. On one hand it's good cause I can focus on it, but on the other hand I really wanted to rest for a bit after the semester ended you know?

We also cleaned out the lab fridge and when we were de-icing it.. found an ancient fridge.

Actually that's pretty much been my week. I literally have done nothing else this week except just go to the lab and then go home. It's been a pretty sad week. I kinda have a headache from staring at code and data for so many hours everyday, but hopefully it'll be over soon.

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