Sunday, January 29, 2017

KGSP - Sick Seollal

So we are currently in the midst of Chinese New Year! Korea celebrates it as well as Seollal, and it's one of the two major holidays in Korea. It's a pretty wonderful time because it means we get Friday and Monday off as well, meaning we get a long weekend.

It's even better too because KAIST has their foundation day on the coming Tuesday which means it's effectively a five day weekend. Which is great. However, my luck is apparently pretty bad because I managed to get a cold since like Friday or Saturday.

I blame walking around in the cold.

So I mean, I was planning on mostly going to the lab anyways during this time, but having holiday time means I can sleep in guilt-free and just go to the lab whenever to get my work done. But since I'm sick it means that I'm tired and miserable even with the extra sleep.

Aside from Seollal and me being sick, this week was actually quite.. sick. Unfortunately the only picture I took this week worth sharing was the one I already have above, and I don't really have the energy to search up random pictures from the Internet to make it up.

So as a result the rest of this blog post is going to just be text. I don't normally deviate from my standard two paragraph one picture structure, but this week is special.

First things first, Pokemon Go finally came out in Korea! Pokemon Go was huge when it first came out but you couldn't play in Korea because of Korean laws regulating the use of mapping applications. So while everyone everywhere was playing, I was stuck just observing from the sidelines.

But now it's actually out in Korea. Like six months after everyone else. It's been such a big delay that no one even really talks about it anymore. Regardless, the Koreans (and myself) are pretty into it now. The fact that there was such a delay is a bit jarring, but it's still kinda neat.

To be honest the game isn't all that fun, but it's a bit addictive to just walk around and collect Pokemon. I'm fairly certain that's why I got sick actually, since I went and walked around catching Pokemon for a couple hours and I guess my outfits aren't designed for that duration of outsideness.

I also had some friends come visit me in Daejeon this week. On Wednsday two of my high school friends came to Daejeon. The three of us all ended up living in Korea but we haven't had the chance to meet up. Since they had some time off they came down to visit.

That was pretty nice. I'm pretty bad with keeping in touch with pre-university friends and so I haven't see these two people since we graduated. Catching up was pretty nice. Weird though, since Korea is kind of a random place to do a reunion.

Yesterday saw the visit of a few more friends from Seoul. Again, since they have some time off, they decided to rent a car and just drive around Korea. They figured they would visit me in Daejeon too which was nice. Unfortunately, I'm sick so I couldn't really enjoy the time.

Regardless, I appreciated the gesture. I just need to like, focus on not being sick right now though.

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