Tuesday, January 24, 2017

KGSP - A Taiwanese Break

So I took a few days off from the lab and on Thursday went to Taiwan. I came back to Korea yesterday, but I was pretty tired and didn't get to making a blog post for the week, so here's the first Tuesday post of 2017.

I'll go more in depth into my experience of the trip over on my other blog eventually, so I'll keep this one relatively brief and if you are interested please check that blog for updates! I'll probably end up writing it within the next week or two.

Taipei 101, the landmark building of Taiwan.

The entire trip was a Thursday to Monday deal so it wasn't a very long trip, but it was worth it because I just really needed some time off from the lab. I've been very busy for a while now and didn't really have much time to rest.

The original plan was to go on the trip after my current lab project was finished, but since that deadline got pushed back, my trip ended up being at an awkward time. Regardless, it was nice to have some time off from the lab.

Granted it was still super tiring to just wake up early, walk around, and do things.

The entire trip was pretty much just a bunch of sightseeing around Taipei and its surrounding areas while eating a bunch of non-Korean food. Man, have I ever mentioned how much I love Chinese food? Chinese food is easily the best food ever, with Japanese food being second.

And lo and behold Taiwan is full of Chinese and Japanese food. Such a wonderful place to indulge in food. Wasn't even really expensive either, which makes it all the better. Especially since I've been eating cafeteria food for so long.

Night market food is pretty good too.

So I would say that was definitely the bulk of the week. The few days leading up the trip was very uneventful. Not really motivating to work after having a deadline changed on you so quick, especially with an upcoming trip in the very near distance.

This week seems like it'll be more of a lull-week too actually, since it's the Lunar New Year this weekend.

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