Sunday, February 12, 2017

KGSP - HCIK 2017

So the highlight of the last week by far was our lab trip to HCIK, the largest Korean HCI conference. We went last year too so I had a good idea of what to expect for this time around, and for the most part it played out pretty similarly to last time.

The best thing about this conference isn't actually the actual conference, but rather the venue the conference is held in. It's held at a conference center in the middle of a ski resort that also has a casino.

I feel like I took this exact picture last year too.

So what does this mean? Well, skiing and gambling of course! The vast majority of the talks are in Korean which makes it difficult for me to follow along. I can understand the gist of the talks if I concentrate and listen well, but to be honest many of the talks aren't that interesting.

So that means I pretty much spent half of the time just playing, and the other half of the time actually attending talks and stuff. The talks I went to were ok I guess. I learned a few things but for the most part they kinda just reiterated a lot of stuff I already knew.

The only English keynote.

I ended up going skiing for like two hours, which was fun. Surprisingly cold though. It was the first time I went skiing since last year's conference and it was nice. Didn't fall this time either, which is an improvement I guess.

We also briefly went to the casino too. Like last year it was super crowded inside so it took a while to find a slot machine to play with. However, unlike last year, I ended up losing my ten bucks super quickly and left empty handed. Oh well, can't win every year right?

Artificial snow on the slopes.

Overall the conference was ok. It was nice to get out of the lab, but we have a paper due on Thursday so the next few days is going to just be powering through and hopefully finally getting this project done.

I also finally started working on my thesis project. I didn't do much, but I started some initial planning and started porting some code over from my lab project. Have to focus on getting this paper done first though, but I'm looking forward to working on it again.

I also worked on making salted eggs. The mixture looks kinda gross though.

So yea, paper writing is the focus for this week.

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