Sunday, February 5, 2017

KGSP - Pokemon Going

So Pokemon Go has now been released in Korea for like two weeks now. While the rest of the world doesn't really care about the game anymore, Korea has definitely caught the Pokemon fever. It's fascinating really, because I'm seeing so many posts about it again.

A lot of random ads and posts on Facebook are about Pokemon Go, and there's a real deja vu feeling since I saw this all back in the summer too. I have to say I'm kinda caught up in it too. It's honestly not that fun of a game, but it's addictive.

This park is ridiculous. Nine Pokestops in a 5 minute circular walk.

I haven't really deviated from my daily life that much to play this game though. I've mostly just been doing the same thing but every time I'm outside I pull out my phone and check what's around me. I've discovered that my battery has been dying a lot faster lately.

It's one of the biggest issues I have with the game actually. You need the screen and application on in order for you to do anything, so you just end up with a phone battery that just goes down super quick. Plus it makes it difficult to do anything if you have a bike, like I do.

Which is why I invested in a bike mount for my phone.

I just wish it was a bit warmer. The cold is causing my hands to dry up if I don't wear my gloves. Aside from Pokemon Go, this week was ok. One of my friends from Seoul came by to visit yesterday so I spent the day chilling and hanging out with him.

Earlier on in the week there was a short workshop at school by the HCI group. Our lab recently joined that group so we had to participate in the workshop. It wasn't very exciting, but the room was in range of two Pokestops.

Free food and Pokestops. I have no shame.

It was funny because people just kept luring the two Pokestops, which clearly showed that a lot of people weren't paying attention to the talks.

Speaking of talks, my lab is going to HCI Korea again this year, so we'll be taking a trip out to Gangwon-do on Tuesday to attend the conference. This is good because it's at a ski resort and casino. But it's bad because we still have a paper to write.

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