Sunday, February 26, 2017

KGSP - The Thesising Begins

This week was actually a fairly boring week. It's the last week of the winter vacation and class starts on Monday, so there was that whole lull feel to the week despite nothing really changing too much when the semester starts.

This is (hopefully) my last semester. Unfortunately I still have to take one more class and one seminar, which means more distractions from working on my thesis. Now that my lab project has finished, I've actually had some time to work on my thesis project.

Just more time in the lab really.

The rough schedule for the semester came out this week. I have three presentations related to my thesis with the first one being in March, second in May, and last in June. Based on that schedule, I have a pretty clear idea of what my time is going to be like for the next few months.

For the March presentation, I have to pretty much finish a prototype of my thesis project. So I have about a month to do that. Then, I have just over a month to conduct user studies, analyze it, and write most of my thesis. If that goes well, my defense is in June which requires a complete thesis.

I didn't really take pictures this week so here's a moldy stick in a salted mixture.

So really, it's gonna be a lot of work, but definitely doable. I've already started looking for some jobs too so it really does feel like it's leading up to the end. I just hope I don't hit any serious snags with my thesis project. If I don't, everything should be fine.

In other news, the weather is warming up a bit now so that it doesn't feel as bad to Pokemon Go. A bunch of chains in Korea sponsored the application so it added a bunch more Pokestops on my route to and from the lab, which is fantastic.

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