Sunday, March 19, 2017

KGSP - Progress and Outcomes

So this week wasn't very eventful. It was more time working on my thesis project. Originally, I was supposed to have a progress presentation this week but it got delayed to the week after. This was actually kinda welcome because it means I have more time to prepare.

So essentially this week was just getting as much done as possible for my thesis project and making the presentation materials. Since I have an extra week I have even more time to do stuff for that. Even though I only started a month ago, the project is coming together.

Spent the day photoshopping rocks and spooky stuff into pictures.

Probably the most interesting thing this week was actually my salted eggs. Readers of my blog may remember that about a month ago I decided I had some extra eggs and a lot of excess salt, so I decided to brew it all together and make some salted eggs.

Well, it's been just over a month actually, so they were ready to for some eating. I was actually kinda worried because it's literally a bunch of eggs sitting in some weird broth in a jar on my fridge for a month. Like, what if they all just went bad?

Impossible to tell the result from this.

So I was a bit hesitant, but I went and cooked the egg and broke it open. It smelt ok. Like it didn't smell bad, so that was a good sign. I ate some of it, and well, it was actually pretty good. I used chicken eggs instead of duck eggs, so the texture is different, but the taste was fine.

The yolk was salty, but it could be a bit saltier so I decided to leave the remaining eggs in the salt mixture. The whites were already a bit on the salty side, so I didn't finish eating it. But it's ok because the yolk is the best part anyways.

I gotta work on my egg opening skills.

So yea, I made a bunch of salted eggs about a month ago and they taste it. It's kinda a coincidence too because I also started my thesis project about a month ago. So hey, if these eggs turned out ok, I guess my thesis can too. Right?

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