Sunday, March 26, 2017

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Man this week has been, a week. We're well into the semester at this point and despite only taking like, one a half classes only, classwork is already being a pain. The full class I'm taking has like a project due every month with presentations every week relating to that.

Normally that wouldn't be that bad, but that takes a lot of time. And time is one of those things that I'm really limited in right now. Surprisingly enough I do have energy (for the most part), but I'm finding that I'm running out of hours in the day to do my work.

Our lab recently got a coffee grinder and it's been a good source of energy.

My thesis project has taken up the most amount of my time. I have a presentation on Tuesday so I spent the week just taking videos and pictures, and trying to present my project in the best way as possible.

Taking the videos for my project has actually been kinda fun though. I'm making an augmented reality application and most of the videos allowed me to actually play with the system in random places so it was kinda nice to just jump around and do stuff.

The worst part about AR is the need to photoshop stuff onto every picture not taken from the device.

So yea, school is taking up a lot of my time. But additionally, I've been trying to deal with other stuff too like looking for jobs and figuring out what to do with my life after graduation, so it's really just taking more processing power away from my brain too.

To make matters worse apparently my phone died today. It suddenly shut off and I couldn't get it back on again, no matter which battery I used. It just gets stuck on the boot screen and I found out that apparently bootlooping is a thing that happens with my phone.

The last picture taken on my phone.

Oh, and I'm kinda sick too. It's really turning into spring now so that also means the air is getting bad again. Woke today feeling super dehydrated with a small headache that's lasted the entire day. Essentially I just feel hungover without even having any alcohol. Wonderful.

But this week had some high points too. Apparently there's a new flavour of chips out now in Korea, which is Montblanc flavoured chips. Yes, cake flavoured chips. Those were ok. But the best news this week actually came today, StarCraft Remastered.

Where were you when StarCraft Remastered was announced? I was in the lab, like always.

So yea, this week has been rough. But hey, I'll have some new (old) StarCraft to play in the summer!

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