Sunday, April 2, 2017

KGSP - Crystal Clear

This week as actually pretty full of events. One of the most event filled weeks in a while actually. So as I mentioned last week, my phone died. Well, it stayed dead for a few days because I had to focus on my thesis presentation, which was on Tuesday.

Spent a decent amount of time preparing for it, and it turned out the preparation was all worth it. Everyone else that presented that day got some hard questions or criticism, but I was the only one that didn't actually get anything negative, mostly just recommendations.

I mean, I think it's pretty cool too.

The day after the presentation, I went and got my phone fixed. I thought I'd have to go phoneless for a few days as I got it fixed, but apparently that wasn't the case since I got it fixed within an hour after I got to the service center.

I had to pay a decent amount of money to get it fixed though. Apparently one of the main chips on the main board of my phone cracked, so I had to get the complete board replaced. All that money I saved not doing anything in February and March essentially went to that.

Just in time to take a picture of this soup I made.

But by far the biggest event of the week was yesterday, cause I went to a concert. There's a Japanese band that I listen called Crystal Lake which had a concert in Seoul, but I only found out a few days ago. Regardless, one of my friends wanted to go, so he asked me if I wanted to as well.

Considering I just finished one of my thesis presentations, this was actually great timing because I could actually go. But the fact that I had to fix my phone meant that I was already running low on funds. But, hey, what's money for if you don't spend it right?

So much energy.

I decide that hey, this is the best time for some relaxation and fun, might as well make the most of it. So after lunch yesterday I went to Seoul, bought some stuff, and then went to this concert. It was three hours long, including the supporting band.

It was actually really fun. The energy of the crowd and bands were really nice, so it was just awesome to go and just like, expel energy. It was cool too because afterwards they had a meet and greet event, which I didn't expect.

Aw yea, signed poster.

That was a nice way to cap off the event. Got a chance to briefly talk to the bands, got a picture with the singer of the band I like, and even got a signed poster. So overall pretty fun day, but I had to head back to Daejeon so I rushed back to Seoul station to catch my train.

And man today I am tired. My entire body like aches from the concert haha. Totally worth it though.

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