Sunday, April 23, 2017

KGSP - KNAIST Workshop

So this week was a bit different compared to previous weeks. Our lab started a partnership with a lab from NAIST, a school in Japan, and we had our first event with them. Some of their professors and students came by to check out our school and participate in a workshop.

The workshop itself wasn't very exciting. It was our first workshop together so we just went through a bunch of ideation sessions. Despite almost finishing my graduate studies in industrial design, I'm still not that great at the ideation structure. It's just not that fun for me.

They brought a lot of sake though. But tbh I'm also not that big of a fan.

It was the first time our lab hosted a workshop though, so we had a lot of stuff to do when preparing and actually hosting the event. I was in charge of guiding them along the lab tours, which was kinda neat because I've been so focused on our lab's projects that I haven't had time to see the other's.

But the tour itself went a bit long so it got boring once you got to the fourth lab. But pretty much the week was just a lot of walking and talking and eating and drinking. Which by itself isn't that bad, but it was physically tiring.

My professor had the idea to do a bit of hiking too.

So overall the workshop was tiring. But the worst part was that since it took up so much time I had zero time to work on my own stuff this week. With my deadlines coming up, I need all the time I can get so that really was the worst part.

That said, it was a pretty fun week. It was nice to just like, socialize and have fun. The last couple months have been too serious so it was nice to just relax and meet new people. The people that came from Japan were quite awesome people to hang out with.

Just gotta stop and smell the [flowers] right?

So yea it was a pretty cool week. At any other point in the year it would've been a great week, but it's hard to really enjoy things with my thesis deadlines looming. But hey, hopefully it'll be over soon.

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