Sunday, April 16, 2017

KGSP - Spring Studies

This week was actually pretty packed with events. Feels like it's been more than a week but it's only been a week. Last week was the peak of the cherry blossoms, this week was the end of the blossoms. They started falling at the start of the week, and now they're pretty much gone.

The department rescheduled their spring party for the past Tuesday, which ended up being ok because the blossoms were still on the trees. Wasn't at the peak bloom, but at least we had some blossoms on the trees left.

Our lab's theme, Lego.

Like previous weeks, this week has primarily been dominated by my thesis work. This week was important though, because it was the week where I had to do user studies. So this was the first week where I actually had people outside of my lab see and use my system.

It was kinda nerve wracking actually. My last lab project had a bunch of issues when we did user studies, so I was worried that it would happen this time too. But luckily I actually didn't have any major issues and everything went smoothly.

Can't show pictures because of confidentiality so here's a picture of the keyboard I used.

The studies actually went pretty great. A few hiccups of course, but not too bad. The studies also kinda reminded me about something too. I only got into programming because I wanted to make things people wanted to play with.

So I was so glad that people actually had fun with it. People genuinely had smiles on their faces when they were using my system, and everyone thought that it was really cool and fun to use. And honestly, that makes me feel pretty great. It's been so long since I've made something fun.

Also had a chance to make some booklets too, which turned out great despite being only two pages.

Outside of school, this week was also pretty interesting. There's been some tension on the Korean peninsula because of North Korea and America. Nothing happened obviously, but it got some people thinking and worried. But yea who knows. Just, hope nothing happens while I'm still here.

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