Sunday, May 21, 2017

KGSP - Green for Go

So I thought that last week was a pretty relaxing week but man, that was nothing compared to this week. The week started off similarly to how it ended off last week, but that was only until Wednesday, the day I did my greenlight presentation.

I practiced my presentation a bunch of times and was a bit worried because my presentation went over time. I ended up going over time in my presentation too, despite speaking quickly, but it turned out it didn't matter. I ended up getting news that I passed the presentation the next day.

Celebrating with a (probably dirty) bucket of popcorn.

So that's a huge relief. In my department we have to do four presentations before we graduate, and the greenlight is the third, and arguably the most important one. Since if you fail that, you can't even do your defense and it essentially acts like the gatekeeper to graduation.

So it's great that that's done with. I still have two and a bit weeks before my defense so I need to be preparing a presentation and my second draft, but I really don't feel stressed anymore. This is a wonderful feeling.

Also finally got a chance to eat this chicken that was grilled at the back of a truck, which was also wonderful.

So yea, things aren't over yet. But it's just great to be able to relax a bit more. Just like, play some video games, watch some shows, and just work regular hours again you know? 

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