Sunday, May 14, 2017

KGSP - Yellowlight

So this week was actually quite, unproductive. Relatively speaking of course. I still managed to get a lot done, but it was a lot more relaxing and slower paced than previous weeks. That just happens to be because it was a weird week where I'm just waiting for stuff to do.

My greenlight presentation is on Tuesday, and that's essentially my pre-defense where the result decides whether or not I get to even do my defense or not this semester. The thing is, we had to get our thesis and presentation materials printed and submitted by last Wednesday.

I present to you the first draft of my thesis.

So that meant that I had a lot of stuff to do getting ready for Wednesday, but once everything was submitted, I hit a bit of a lull. I had to still make some of the videos for the presentation (luckily videos aren't printed), and obviously I have to prepare for my actual presentation.

But it was still relatively more peaceful than previous weeks. I couldn't really do too much because I can't change my materials, so I'm just waiting to get the feedback and results from my presentation on Tuesday, which is a nice change of pace.

These random food trucks came by to serve food too, which was nice.

Our professor wasn't around either since he was at a conference, so it really did feel super relaxing. I almost feel like an actual person again. But it's still no time to fully relax though, the upcoming presentation is important, so I need to make sure I do it right.

Outside of school the week was pretty standard. I had a bit more free time at night so I ended up cooking a few more meals which was nice. The air quality was really bad earlier in the week so that was gross though.

Seriously, you know it's bad when air pollution turn into water pollution when it rains.

But yea, life is alright I guess.

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