Monday, June 19, 2017

KGSP - The Monday After

So that was another fun filled weekend. I went up to Seoul again for the weekend because I had a friend come visit from Canada, and a few of my friends in Seoul wanted to do a meetup before they leave Korea forever.

It was a pretty fun weekend. Although pretty tiring, hence the Monday blog post. My friend that came to visit was one of the guys I met due to my internship in Hong Kong, and it's pretty cool cause this has been the fifth country we've hung out in.

I don't get why this country is 5000 years in the future though.

So it was a pretty eventful weekend. Some sightseeing to show my friend around of course, but most of the time was just spent eating and drinking with friends. It honestly was a pretty fun weekend, but man, tiring. Haha.

It was kinda sad though, in a way. Cause it really was fun. The last three years has been a pretty big adventure and a lot of it was spent with these guys I met at the language institute. So it's kinda weird how some of them are leaving now.

Who else would drink all of the Queen's Ale?

I'll probably save my thoughts about this for a future blog post though.

The rest of the week has been pretty bland. I submitted my thesis for printing so my school work is 99% done at this point. Still have some paper and presentation stuff I have to prepare for conferences, but it's hard to get motivated.

Trying to go to random events to network too.

Right now though, I have a job interview coming up. Tomorrow, actually. We'll see how that goes. Could very well decide my immediate future.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

KGSP - Defended

So the end is finally in sight.

Wednesday was my defense so I spent the most of the beginning of the week just preparing my defense. I wasn't really nervous but my presentation was a bit long, so it annoyed me more than anything. Regardless, the presentation went well and well, I'm done!

Unlike this ant war which never ends.

Doesn't really feel right to be honest. I'm glad that I'm almost done with my studies, but it's also a bit of a bittersweet feeling too. Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad that I'm almost done. But now the real world is calling again you know?

Looking for jobs and stuff, not very fun. Plus so many of my friends are also graduating too and heading back home, which is also not very fun. Luckily I had a chance to see a bunch of them in Seoul over the weekend though.

It feels like I've been in this country so long I've stopped appreciating it.

In celebration of my successful defense I also went and book a trip to Europe as well. Hitting up Russia, Germany, Czech Republic (Czechia?), and Austria for sure which is gonna be awesome. I'm really excited.

Russia requires a visa though so I like rushed through so many things in order to prepare that visa. That was an experience in and of itself, readying the documents and actually applying for it. First time applying for a tourist visa so that's kinda a neat thing.

You know what's also a neat thing? This.

So yea, my near future has some pretty exciting events. I still have to finish up a paper for a conference and another paper for a class, but they'll both be done within the next two weeks and then I'm off to Japan for a conference and workshop.

Then I come back to Korea, rest up a bit, and then off to Europe. Gonna be sick.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

KGSP - The Ghetto Graduate Life

This week was once again relatively relaxing. Most of my lab work has just been focusing on preparing for my defense, which is really just combining the last few presentations I did, refining them, and then making sure it fits within the time slot.

So really not that stimulating. I've mostly just been trying to look ahead into the near future a bit more. We have a lab trip to Japan upcoming in a few weeks and I'm pretty much done with school in July, so I've just been planning trips and trying to find a job.

Fun fact, buying plane tickets before getting reimbursed means you gotta dip into your emergency coin funds.

And man, finding a job sucks. I feel like a job, especially a career, is so integral to your life. However, the process of finding one is honestly so stressful and tiring. I've been through this years ago when I first finished my undergrad, and I was hoping it would be easier now.

But no, it's pretty much the same. I have a certain level of ambition in my life, which is also making it a bit more difficult to find a job, but I'm hoping it'll pay off in the end. My time in the lab is coming to a close soon, and it'll be weird being not a student again.

Washing chair wheels and drying them outside is apparently a student task.

But yea I'm still trying to make the most of my student life. Went to go watch the new Wonder Woman movie yesterday and that was pretty neat. Best movie in the DC cinematic universe for sure, and I'm hoping the future movies stay on that level cause they need to keep up with Marvel.