Monday, August 21, 2017

KGSP - The Second Last Week

Man. Three years ago I set off on this crazy journey to go halfway around the world to learn a new language, experience a new culture, and do my master's. It seemed like such a long time then but now here we are, my final week in Korea.

There's just, a deluge of emotions going on right now. It's really hard to explain. I'm excited to go home of course. I miss my friends and family and of course I miss my home country. But at the same time, it's kinda sad that I have to leave now.

I have a lot of issues with Korea, but regardless of that this has been my home for the last three years. I've settled into a life of my own with knowledge of where to go, what to do, who to meet, etc. And now it just feels like I'm ripping up that life to bring it back to the one I had three years ago.

So yea, this last week has been kinda rough and I'm sure this coming week will be the same, if not worse.

The last week saw two trips to Seoul. The first was a short day trip because I went to do a programming test for a job application. The test itself wasn't exactly easy, but it was made even more difficult due to the fact that it was all in Korean. Needless to say I didn't do well.

But they compensated me for the trip there and hey, free trip to Seoul. So I tried to make the most of it and meet some friends as well, considering how my time here is limited. That was a nice night, but I failed massively on time that day and somehow all my temporal obligations that day was off.

Then, I went back to Seoul on the weekend to see more friends. Another one of our friends who left a year ago came back to visit, so it was really nice to just hang out with him and the others once again. But again, bittersweet cause who knows when I'll see these people again.

I'll probably do a more in depth blog post sometime on my other blog about my experience with this program. I'll likely also do another post here next week as well, even though I'll be back in Canada. Honestly feels weird man. I've already done like 150 posts with the KGSP tag.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

KGSP - Big Waves

So this week was a bit more interesting than the previous weeks. I say this because I actually took pictures of stuff this week, meaning there was some visually interesting things worth recording for the future.

The week started off pretty standardly, but then a few days ago me and some of my friends suddenly decided to do a short trip to Busan. The weather was hot and we haven't been to Busan in a while so it seemed like a good idea to make a trip out there to swim in the ocean.

The ocean. And a lot of people.

So just our luck the day we went to Busan actually wasn't that hot, rather it was kinda cloudy and windy. Still, there were a lot of people at the beach. But, since it was windy there were also some pretty big waves.

Some of the waves went up a couple feet so it was actually pretty fun to be in the water. You couldn't really swim because there were so many people with the donut floaty things that every time a wave came everyone got knocked back a couple feet.

This kid is just taunting the ocean.

It was fun though. The water was nice and the waves made it fun to play around. After swimming we went to grab some food and hung around Gwangalli a bit before calling it a night and coming back to Daejeon today.

Overall fun trip. Short, but fun. Busan is definitely still my favourite city in Korea and every time I go it just reinforces this idea. It's just so nice to be in a big city by the ocean. City actually feels alive and interesting, unlike Daejeon.

Unlike this men's section in the Busan H&M, which is just an empty room.

Another thing that was of note was that the lab invited me for their summer barbecue. It's crazy to think that it's already been a month since I last went to the lab. Felt good to see everyone again though.

Although I had to give back my keyboard which sucked.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

KGSP - Relaxation and Reflection

So the last few posts here have been pretty bare. I'm afraid to say that this one is also going to be somewhat lacking in content. This week was a lot of mostly just staying in my room doing unexciting things so I have a distinct lack of photos to back up my posts with.

After coming back from my trip I got hit by a pretty bad case of jet lag. Normally I'm used to the "12 hour flip" ones where you just feel deadly tired after like 8 or 9 and end up waking up at 6. But this time it's not like that since I went from Europe to Asia.

So instead I'm stuck with a weird case of "can't sleep until like 4 in the morning and then wake up at 2". It's kinda sucky. I've spent most of the week just waking up sometime in the afternoon and it really does kill the amount of time available to you in the day.

Granted I haven't been doing much anyways. Mostly just organizing my life and thinking about how I want to take it in the future. Essentially just a lot of job and soul searching really.

The main highlight of the week was a short trip to Seoul. Friday was a pretty fun day because it was the only day this week where my Magic friends were free. One of them is leaving Korea tomorrow so that was the last time we could play together.

So as a result I woke up early on Friday (which, was a pain cause of the jet lag), and then went to Seoul to draft the cards me and another friend won from previous events. That was fun. It was nice to play again, but there was just this.. air of finality in the room so the usual cheer was missing.

Afterwards we grabbed dinner and some drinks to wrap up the day. That was fun too. It's always a good time to go to Seoul and see everyone again. It just sucks cause we're at the point now where every time we meet up there's less of us. But that's how it goes I guess.

I see the upcoming week being pretty similar to the last week. Just more life stuff I guess.

Why is life so complex?